Monday, April 4, 2011

NaPoWriMo April 4, 2011

Cruel Optimism

This is not deliberate stagnation. It's complicated by other forces, see Manual.

We are all made of two: public-goodly-gladhander
and shadowlurker-stabber.

The policies are apocryphal, numinous and subject to change.

Get tough and smile!

You are like a tangle of contracts, and I've forgotten which I signed.

I love mommy because mommy loves me.

Someone is choosing teams, so don't be the knock-kneed.

I simply can't wait for the next set of circumstances.

We'll all say the right things, and we'll feel better about how well we enacted
that culture's vernacular.

I think the hero's on vacation. I think the hero's got the decoder. I think of the hero's bill of goods.

The hero pushes the button, and we go to battle with a paradigm box
around it.

The customer is always at the table waiting for her apple pie.

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