Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NaPoWriMo: April, 11, 2012


My mouth
My south-
ern mise en scene

My boquita
My insolent and evil twin
taking my calls for me
making my calls for me

My raging and misfiring
neural pathways

O my stars
O my miserable French

My hair is all mine
My workout this morning
was solid
My how wide-ranging you are

My mama
My descent
My mine

My okay you’re okay
My etymology is song
and God’s promise

My poems are a crypt
My poems are the crypt

My tendencies: self-destructive
My impulses: well-meaning

My grandmother told me
I’d be a guitar

My oh my is that a gun
or are you just happy to be me

My word
My sakes alive
My slow jam
My prom dress made of wood
My admission of complicity
My oppressor
My divinity
My stunning and singular intellect pressed against the slop

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