Monday, April 8, 2013

NaPoWri Mo Day 6

Elizabeth Treadwell is blogging poems and using women's names as prompts. She suggested Gloria on Facebook, so I took her up on it. The only thing I'm totally committed to is the couplets. 


Gloria, act like no one’s watching you.
Gloria, hold up a newspaper showing today’s date.

I watched Gloria make a jealousy into a typhoon. Gloria, sweet Gloria.
We brought this upon ourselves. That’s what she told Gloria.

Gloria said, The wind that whistles like a warning, well I wonder,
if it’s possibly something mystical, which was really not her style.

There was trouble in the castle. My dreams are often in airports.
Gloria plays the out-of tune violin and it still sounds like velvet cheese.

They call her the Viper, that Gloria, because she knows
how to close a sale. Her secret is not feeling anything. 

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