Monday, April 8, 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 7

The poet and translator Michelle Gil-Montero introduced me to Eduardo Chirinos, and I've fallen in love. His book The Smoke of Distant Fires has the energy I'm trying for in my own poems. Here's a poem I wrote based on his work:

“A Poem with a Line by Eduardo Chirinos”

what should I call this poem I’ll call it a rush of chambers         
to evoke the sound of the narcissistic black hole it will be           
*that was the only time the poem refers   to itself*      
the soul needs no self-reference           
it’s busy earning      pleasure and moral reason
holding us upright
we bear             so many               bricks                         
when all we want is the tang of souls    touching or
more    when we want more     so that our souls          
have to improvise        
one more thing about the poem           
is the word soul making you uncomfortable?     
it does me        which is why
I wear it  because it used to be heartbreak
which is worse  so small                   so empty
not heartbreak itself      but its valorization   
soul is the bigger risk    and now that I’m older
the more tenuous risk   soul      is what we leave
behind  and mine is useless       useless              that’s
not how I want to be    with you

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